True North Creative is an award-winning boutique branding studio located in South Florida. 


True North got its name from creative director and owner, Andy North Bugsby and his fascination with how explorers and navigators used the North star to help plot their course and reach their destination. Much like the navigators of the past, organizations today need a knowledgable guide to help them reach their brand and marketing goals. That's where True North Creative comes in. Let us be your guide.


Andy North Bugsby

Founder / Creative Director

Andy was born and raised in "the Mitten State" (that’s Michigan for you non-Michiganders), in the cozy lake suburbs northwest of Detroit. A love of, and talent for art and drawing led Andy to try his hand at design as a youngster, creating logos and graphics. Folks seemed to notice his work, so he studied design during high school and eventually enrolled at the International Academy of Design in Detroit. It was there that he found his calling as a graphic designer and knack for art direction.

Andy then landed a spot at one of Detroit’s biggest ad agencies, BBDO Detroit, where he learned the inner workings of an agency and honed his design and art skills.

Michigan is a great place to be from, but the winters are rough, so Andy traded his snow boots for flip-flops and moved to South Florida in 2007. That's when he began to work with some of the county's biggest festivals such as ArtiGras and Sunfest. Andy later co-founded 'HEYDAY Branding & Creative' and continued to create award-winning work for his clients. 

In 2016, Andy set out on his own to create his idea of the perfect design studio. Blending superior customer service with remarkable design lays at the foundation of True North Creative. Just like the North Star, True North Creative leads its clients to a clear and bright future.


  • Andy is frequently seen pointing to his hand (to show where he was born in Michigan), and often attracts fellow Michiganders who will do the same thing back. Mitten State Pride!
  • Andy loves a good road trip. He has been to 36 of the 50 states by car. He has big plans for his road trip to Hawaii.
  • Andy has a freakishly good memory for TV and radio jingles. Name a product and stand back.
  • He has written amateur screenplays and books based on his dreams. He directed and co-edited a 45-minute indie film when he was 20 years old and has plans to create a sequel as soon as he has some free time (but, what's that?)

Trailblazers Wanted

Graphic Designer

Seeking a skilled freelance graphic designer with availability for frequent branding and design projects. Duties will include print and digital layout, vector illustration, logo design, and working closely with a creative team to accomplish goals. This is freelance position and applicant must be able to work remotely.



  • Adobe Creative Cloud - InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop (required)
  • Experience working with a creative team, and willingness to receive creative direction.


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